Marie Thiebaud

Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner of the Rolf Method

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Certifications and Continuing Education:


  • Scoliosis: Unraveling the confusion, David Davis. Prauge, CZ.  (2019)

  • Cranial Sacral workshop for Rolfers, Gale Loveitt & Thomas Walker. Zurich, CH. (2019)

  • Cadaver workshop, Chiropractic College West. San Jose, CA. (2018)

  • Applied Kinesiology workshop, Dr. Richard Robert Shaw, D.C., San Francisco, CA. (2017)

  • Advanced Certification at the Guild, Emmett Hutchins - Master Rolfer, and Neil Powers - Master Rolfer, Kauai, HI. (2016)

  • Understudied Rolfing full 10 series, Steve Kraft - Advanced SI practitioner. San Francisco, CA. (2015 & 2018)

  • 4 handed Structural Integration workshop, Emmett Hutchins & Isaac Osbourne, Sana Barbara, CA. (2014)

  • Understudied 3 series, Andy Crow - Master Rolfer, San Francisco, CA. (2013)

  • Certified Structural Integration Practitioner of the Rolf method, Boulder, CO. (2011)

  • Certified Massage Therapist and health educator, San Francisco, CA. (2010)

  • Licensed Oregon Chiropractic Assistant and massage therapist, Bandon,  OR. (1997-1999)