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Marie Thiebaud

Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner of the Rolf Method


Marie is a Certified Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner of the Rolf Method also known as Rolfing from The Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO in 2010. She is also a Health Educator and Massage Therapist trained at the National Holistic Institute where she was trained in both eastern and western modalities. She acquired her Advanced certification in 2017. She practices in San Francisco, Zurich, & Geneva Switzerland. And, now serves Manitowoc, WI. and the surrounding area!

  • What do I wear?
    Please wear comfortable underwear you don't mind being seen in as I get you on and off the table occasionally to see how the work is moving your body. Men, it's preferable to wear boxer briefs or, just briefs. Women, it's better to have looser bra or something other than a tight sports bra.
  • Does SI hurt?
    SI/Rolfing does have an intense reputation but we've come a long way in the bodywork community since the 70s, the era of new aggressive therapies. We know so much more about the nervous system and fascia! First off, every person I put my hands on has a different tolerance and idea of what pain is. Our first session will be about finding your tolerance level and, your breath to help let go of tensions we find trapped in your tissue is key. We are freeing connective tissue that has been glued together and trapped for sometimes decades. Even if you have some soreness after sessions it comes with a sense of openness that's undeniable that allows clients to continue without concern. Communication is a must and your comfort level is the most important so we work together to find that sweet spot for the most effective treatment possible.
  • What is the SI/Rolfing 10 series?
    The first 3 sessions are really prep for the core sessions. People often start feeling better right away because the intention is to give as much length and space as possible to the joints and bones. Sessions 4 - 7, that's when we really change your structure and your relationship to your body! In sessions 8 -10, we are reinforcing that new structure of joints stacked on top of each other allowing the pelvis and head to be properly supported on your body as god intended! 🤗
  • Do I have to do all 10 sessions?
    The beauty and long-lasting changes are in the 10 sessions, the work of Dr. Ida Rolf! If someone comes in with acute pain we address that first before beginning. I prefer that clients start the 10 relatively pain-free but, this is often not the case and we address those issues so we can both focus on structural change and not pain. The first session can stand alone or, the first 3. If you decide to continue after 3, it's expected you commit the full 10. If your just looking for a good massage then I'm happy to refer you to a great massage therapist in Manitowoc, just LMK! 🤗
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