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Marie Thiebaud

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration


Most people that come for Structural Integration have a specific goal in mind. To help facilitate where your need lies, please review the following questions.

  • Are you looking for something to help facilitate change in your life? Do you carry tension and stress in your body?

  • Do you have chronic aches and pains that have not responded to other treatments?

  • Are you having specific problems such as back, neck or sciatic pain?

  • Would you like to have less stress, greater freedom and comfort in your body?

  • Do you need help recovering from an injury?

  • Are you post-surgery and struggling with recovering function and ease of movement?

  • Do you have a repetitive motion injury like carpel tunnel or general job strain?

  • Athletes, would you like to enhance your performance?

  • Do you want to deepen current practices such as: yoga, pilates, mediation, prayer, psychotherapy, Aikido, Tai chi

  • Are you in theater arts and want to have SI as a tool to open up to showing more expression through your body?

  • Seniors, would you like to experience more fluidity in your body?

  • Would you like to lie, stand and sit more comfortably?

  • Would you like a more balanced posture, a greater ease of movement and breathing capacity?

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